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What to Know Before Hiring A Motorcycle Transport Company

Shipping a motorcycle can seem like a headache, but with a little research you can find a reputable motorcycle transport company that will get the job done for the right price. By researching companies on the Internet, you can find reviews, policies, and answers to any questions you may have about the process. Going through page after page of a Google search can take up a lot of time and not give you the information you are looking for right away.  Keeping some tips in mind when looking for a motorcycle shipping company will help the process fly by.


The entire process of shipping a motorcycle has five key aspects of concern to you, the owner of the bike being transported.


Getting Quotes: Compare the pricing of different companies, without committing to their services. Most companies will be able to give you a fast quote after getting the details about the transport. Things like distance and deadlines will be considered in determining the price.


Pricing: Be weary of a company who offers a substantially lower price than other companies. These movers will either add on extra charges for things such as delivery and pickup, or handle your bike in a careless manner. Saving money is important, but choosing a company who charges a fair market price will save you headaches post transport.


Shipping: There are different options for towing a motorcycle. Having it moved in an open or closed trailer can affect the condition of your bike. Also, having the bike delivered to a specific location rather than to one of the company’s warehouses are options to the owner.


Safety: During the move, there are plenty of ways for your bike to get damaged. Choosing the right transport company can drastically reduce those chances and ensure your bike will arrive undamaged.


Communication: Asking questions before the company comes to pickup the bike will allow you to gage how responsive they are to customers. In the unfortunate case that your bike is damaged, you want to know you’ve hired a company that will take care of you.


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