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The Differences Between Shipping Motorcycles and Cars

When the need to have your motorcycle ship arises, there are many concerns to be aware of beforehand. Since motorcycles are much smaller and fragile than cars, they are a lot more prone to getting damaged in the moving process. When hauling a bike, there are usually two ways of loading it, either hitched to the back of a truck or inside a trailer that is being pulled from a truck. Both ways are susceptible to accidents. In contrast to four wheeled vehicles, motorcycles are much less stable in transit. This can result in bikes falling over or moving uncontrollably in the back of a trailer. Hiring a motorcycle shipping company is the best way to ensure your bike reaches its destination successfully.

Hiring Professionals

Some factors that go into motorcycle shipment are easily over looked if you decide to do the job yourself. Professional motorcycle movers have special equipment such as straps and certain stands to make sure your bike is securely moved without getting damaged. These companies train their employees to handle any situation, including the unfortunate events that may occur on accident. Prior to the move, the transport company will call you and have you proceed with the necessary preparations. Some of the most common requirements are to empty the gas tank and disconnect the battery to eliminate the chance of accidents occurring during the move. Even if the company doesn’t require a clean bike, it’s a good idea to have your bike washed and inspect it to be sure if anything happens during transit.


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