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Motorcycle Transport: Finding Qualified Motorcycle Movers

A Motorcycle Tow Shouldn’t Cause You Stress

Most motorcyclists care more about their motorcycle than they do their car. It’s their baby, their prize possession. Therefore, having to have a motorcycle tow can be really stressful. First they’re worried about what’s wrong with their bike and if it’s going to be expensive to fix. Most bikers in Los Angeles don’t have cars. So now they are out of a transportation vehicle. If their bike is damaged because they got into an accident, it’s even more upsetting. It shouldn’t case a biker stress but it does.

Motorcycle Transport Can Be Expensive

Whenever you have your car or motorcycle towed or moved to another state or country it can add up. While most motorcyclists are concerned about money when having a motorcycle transport, they are also concerned about getting the cycle transported. The biggest concern is that the cycle gets to its destination and that it gets their safely and effectively. Things like the bike showing up late or damaged are unacceptable. If you are depending on that bike to get you to your first day of work it doesn’t help if it’s two weeks late.


Motorcycle Movers Are Trained To Know How To Move A Bike

Believe it or not there is a proper and improper way to handle a motorcycle. That’s why any good motorcycle transport shop with have trained motorcycle movers. Not only can they damage the bike if they move it incorrectly but they can get hurt in the process. There are liabilities issues. When choosing a transport company to move your bike ask if they movers are trained in the proper protocol to moving a bike and what methods they use when loading and unloading a bike on and off a truck. It’s your bike you have a right to ask these questions.


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