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Motorcycle Transport: When You Need To Move Your Bike

If you have a bunch of bikes and you’re about to move you want to find a motorcycle transport company that you trust to move your bike from point A to point B. If you’ve been burned by a motorcycle transport company in the past you need to do some homework this time around. Ask fellow bikers who they’ve used and who they’d recommend. If they recommend someone still go online and make sure that the company has a good recommendation. If one person writes a negative review but the rest are good then they’re probably fine. If a bunch of bikers have written negative complaints, move on.

Motorcycle Shipping Rates: Figuring Out What’s Reasonable

What’s reasonable when it comes to motorcycle shipping rates and how to do you go about finding that out? That’s easy. Get online and look at quotes of companies. See what the standard shipping rates are that companies are offering. If one place is offering a lot but three other places are offering about the same amount then you know what you can get your bike shipped for. Don’t over pay. If one place is really cheap and three other places are reasonable do not go with the cheap places chances are they’re cheap for a reason.

Motorcycle Tow: When You’re In A Real Bind

If you’re the kind of biker that goes for long rides on the weekends you want a motorcycle tow number handy. You don’t want to live in Los Angeles and be up in Santa Barbara and have your bike break down and have no way of getting it back to Los Angeles or to a bike company in Santa Barbara that can fix it for you. You should always take a number with you whenever you go out on a ride. You shouldn’t just assume because your bike hasn’t broken down yet that it’s not going to. Your bike will eventually break down and you will be stuck if you don’t have a number handy.

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